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At Sample Dental, we know that emergency situations arise when you least expect – and we don’t expect them to always occur during our office hours either!


In the event of an emergency, we will provide dental services to resolve your issues with the utmost professional hospitality that you deserve. You can contact us with any emergencies by calling us at 987-654-3210.

Most importantly, we have an on-call dentist for your after-hour dental needs. In any emergency dental situation, please do not hesitate to contact us—your emergency becomes our emergency.

This dynamic and informative one-day course will up-skill personnel in marine industries about marine stinger hazards and their management, to assist in compliance with safety legislation, reduce stings, and ease customers' anxieties about marine stingers. Learn the tips and tricks that the researchers know.

This course is primarily designed for personnel working in the coastal, island, and reef tourism industries, and can be tailored to meet the needs of other industries with divers or equipment in sea water including marine fishing industries, the military, oil & gas, shipping, power and desalination. It is also ideal for industries providing safety or post-sting care to others, such as life guards and life savers, ambulance officers, doctors and nurses, and teachers, and this course is suitable for recreational divers, fishers, boaters, and sea swimmers.

This course gives students the skills and knowledge to identify hazardous marine stingers and the injuries they cause, recognize the environmental conditions in which they occur, prevent stings, understand the appropriate first aid treatment for different types of stings, and communicate with the general public about marine stingers in an accurate and balanced way.

Marine Stinger Management Course

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Course fee: $155 per person

Full Day Course, Includes Certificate

We will bring together the mix of experts that you request, including perspectives from science, tourism, local government, the legal and medical professions, public safety, and education. Don't miss this opportunity to get the experts' latest views and get the answers to questions you've been wanting to ask.

Bespoke Workshops

The objectives of an initial marine stinger risk audit are to define the facilities where people may be in danger, to assess existing control measures, and to compare the rate of incidents against an established benchmark. Conditions of particular importance include the history of incidents, latitude, presence, or absence of stinger resistant swimming enclosures, rate of local/domestic/foreign visitation, signage (including multi-lingual for certain areas), nature of public safety management, lifeguard/lifesaver monitoring, access to emergency communication, ambulance call-out time, and distance to hospitals/medical centers.

Marine Stinger Risk Audit


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