• More Irukandji stings: what a year so far!

    Three more Irukandji stings were reported just yesterday -- two at Fraser Island and one in the Whitsundays -- bringing the season's total to 19 so far, which is almost double the ten-year average of 10 per year for this time of year.

  • 'Tis the season to be Jelly!

    Yep, this sure is shaping up to be a big stinger season! More stings, more specimens, more myths being perpetuated, and more interest in the Marine Stinger Management course. Together we can put the sting on the stinger problem!

  • Taking the Sting Out of Stingers

    OK a pop quiz: what does this mean to you: 3 Nov, near-fatal box jelly sting in the NT; 23 Nov, Irukandji sting in Cardwell; 25 Nov, Irukandji sting in Port Douglas; 27 Nov, Irukandji sting in Airlie Beach; 3 Dec, Irukandji sting at Palm Cove; 10 Dec, Irukandji sting at Fraser Island...   


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